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(Listed by square footage and style.)

Note: Most all of these plans can be altered to be ADA/Wheelchair accessible!


Tim & Tommy have been designing and drafting homes for over 30 years. This house plan archive is the result of all those years of drafting. Now you can take advantage of that experience with our ready made, ready to build from plans.

In almost all cases, the paper size of the drawings contained in the PDF files is 24" x 36" sheets of paper. Take these files to any office supply like Kinko's or Staples and print them out on 24" x 36" paper.

Change Requests:

If your changes are minor, please make a note when you purchase the plans in the comments box in PayPal, or the "CONTACT" page on this website.

If you're planning to make extensive changes, mark up your printed drawings and mail a copy back to us. Otherwise, if you have a PDF editor, you can mark up your drawings that way and email them back to us with whatever changes you may have.


Email them to: tj@parsonscorner.org or tommy@residentaildrafting.net

Tim Davis

Tommy Carlton

Please note that some stock plans come with basic electrical layouts shown. It is advised that you go over them with your electrician before construction to conform to national codes and your desires. If a plan does not have electrical in most cases you will do a walk through with your electrician and he will layout the electrical per national codes and your personal request. But if you still would like to have an electrical included in your plans the fee will be: $75.00. Please let us know when you order your plans and add this amount to your payment.

This site and the architectural plans contained on this site are copyright, Tim Davis & Tommy Carlton, 2016


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